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Monday, November 9, 2009

Funny Restaurant Signs

All American Fast Food Chain
And another one.

Other than their fattening menu, these two chains have more to offer. Or perhaps, Jeff, that guy that the manager always picked on and pushed to risk his life putting up such signs decided to quit, but not after posting the incriminating sign above.

After Jeff quit, the manager struggled to change the sign and decided to he needed a new guy to do this perilous job, so he took the opportunity and posted a job opening. He added another fat bomb in his menu.

All American Authentic Restaurants
Honest Richard?

Sometimes, you have to play dirty to get what you want - or atleast the attention of people. It's a perfect strategy for those who lacks creativity - or better ideas.

Asian Cuisine

You will dine like a royalty!I'm not sure how the inside looks like, but as promised in the sign, the dinning is inside a palace. It's a perfect place to eat something exotic, as long as you're not a westerner who is picky on names and stuff.

The little old lady that lives a block away innocently asked the manager of the restaurant about her cat when she lost her. She was surprised at the reaction. She thought, it's a sign of guilt - or something. If you like pets, don't live near Wicked Wok.