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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Berlin Museum Features Hitler

Synopsis: The article is about an exhibit at the German Historical Museum which features the notorious dictator, Adolph Hitler.

The exhibition is intended to portray an Adolph Hitler that is more than a strong leader with dark inclinations, but also the complexity of his persona.

President Obama has nothing to do with the exhibit whatsoever but, just like the other articles I posted here, haters yet again take this opportunity to bash him.
Read the entire article here.


Comments from American Idiots:

THE CURE FOR INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT...IS CHANTING YES WE CANonce you begin chanting, you begin feeling will want the government to supply you with health care, food, and don't care if you have to sacrifice your freedom to get them.and once somebody like me comes along to tell you,you are being brainwashed into will hate me, and defend your fuhrer, barak obama hitler.for he is your father, the one who gives you sustenance and life.he gives you health care and food.obama loves you.and in exchange, you will kill for him... and demonize your fellow americans.YOU ARE NOW A LOYAL OBAMA HITLER CULT FOLLOWER.

Percy Dovetonsils
Obama used these same personality cult tactics for his 2008 election campaign!

Karen V
Let's see. You get a catchy Slogan like, HOPE and CHANGE, or YES, WE CAN. Then you make darn sure the media lies about all your past affiliates. You close all your records so the people have no idea who paid for your college or what country you were from. We saw first hand how a person like Ob.. I mean Hitler gets elected. They fool the ignorant, naive and unsuspecting.

Land of the Laws Home of ...
gee sound familiar? history repeats itself! It starts by regulations and outcasting citizens just like the Democrats and thier PAC's are doing now. Sorry but I have more faith in the people then I do in the ones that claim to represent us. Hitler and Obama share one common thing both were elected by less then 1/4 of the eliegable voters and both ran the country as if they were elected by 3/4 even though 3/4 never supported thier idea's!!

Bite Me
Heil Obama! instead of a white man in a brown shirt we have a brown man in a white shirt....but still a socolist.....didnt hitler like to take vacations...spooky isnt it

Publius Americanus
OBAMA ist einen untermenschen ... aufwiedersehen Herr Obama 20 Januar 2013

Perhaps this parallelism makes more sense

He was able to grasp support by shifting the blame for a poor economy on Jews, Gypsys, and other under-represented cultures. Similar to how blame has been placed upon latino immigrants, muslims, homosexuals, and other under-represented cultures during the last year. History can easily repeat when you have an under-educated mass who only listens to one media source, lacks critical thinking skills, and embraces anti-intellectualism.

Why was Hitler popular? Because the Germans were desperate. Just as we will be thanks to Obama. He has planned this, destroy the country, blame it on Bush and take over as the new Leader.

Hitler came about because of Bismarck & his ideas of the military takes precedence on all social levels. The strong, the military were worshipped. When the chips were down because of the Versailles treaty, in walks a charasmatic man who gave Germans hope, who told them that they were worth something (repeating Bismarck's ideology that Germans were the supreme culture, the supreme race, even if it had been a country for under 100 years). Isn't that what America did with Comrade Obama? He promised hope. He promised change. Well, the communist were hoping that we would change to their ideology & they are being satisfied. As for change, communism is change. Have we done anything different, yet? Hitlet invaded Poland, we invaded Afghanistan, a country that in 6,000 years of history, has yet to be invaded & conquored because of its land, its tribes, its people. Yet, Comrade Obama, after Baby Bush, is sending our men there to be killed. Just like Hitler, in this case, we are the aggressors. Further comparisons? Hitler had Goring, Himmler, etc. Cronies of the lowest ethical character, willing to do anything & everything they had to to get into power, to stay in power, to keep in power, even if it meant the complete destruction of their nation. Who is O surrounded by? cronies, people of the lowest ethical standards, murderers, liars, thieves. They, like O, desire power for themselves. They, like O, don't care how they ruin their nation, as long as they stay in power. Yet to come here, God forbid, concentration camps. Who will O mark? YOU.

Funny Guys

Hitler and Obama comparisons???LOL!!And yet to you GWB compares to who?... Snow White???yer funny!

Hitler is alive and well, and is currently running the Arizona state government.