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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sarah Palin strikes again, this time making strong claims that she could beat President Obama in the 2012 presidential election. I’m pretty sure the republicans are outraged of her otherwise, unprecedented and perhaps pre-mature challenge, not necessarily against Obama but against herself. She just refudiated herself.

Surprisingly, there are knuckleheads that agree with her. Read the comments below and the full story HERE.

Two years after Obama was elected by the Unions, Blacks and Hispanics the U.S. is in worse shape than ever.
Palin could only be an improvement over this Fool !

I would vote for her, she would be a hell of alot better then Obama, atleast she backs up what she says, she did it in Alaska. Palin 20212

She is the next President if she runs against that muslim lovin looser.

anything but Obama aka dumbo chimp

right on track to become The Worst President In US History.

Obama makes George Bush look like a genius

well can't be any worse than obama and after reading that the dems relected peelosi as thier leader I'd vote for Palin look how stupid the dems are so can't be any worse , I just hope for a new hero to rise and take charge !!! lol

John F
You go Girl. The HATE party just can't stand the fact that a Woman won't join their bigoted union. Run and you'll bring home the bacon

There is many jealous of women of Sarah Palin on here and it is obvious it is not the politics your jealous of. To see so many negative comments about her when she is a straight shooter simply proves that those against her are not focused on what is good for the country but rather their own selfish childish ways like a child in a store and not getting what they want. The Americans have spoke in the mid-term elections and will do so again. Better get ready for your little cry baby temper tantrum, oh but I guess you already have. We showed diversity by electing a black president and now it is time for a women.

What intelligent Americans really think

Sarah Palin please run. You will see how much of an idiot and a functional illiterate you are. Dont confuse fools backing you to people with brains. You can fool those fools who cant see the truth about you but not all Americans can be fooled, at least not me or my family. Please run

Bill Rog
The big money R's don't want to win in 2012. They know that it will take more than 8 years to fix what good ol boy from Texas did to all of us. Kinda funny that gas prices went down after Obama took office. They have remained at a stable price for most part. You don't see gas jump .20 or .30 because some one saw a small boat near a tanker in the Mideast. They know 2016 will be their best chance. By then Bimbo Sarah won't even be paid to give a speech in Wassilla or whatever the name of that huge city in the world located in Alaska is. This woman is the biggest political joke I have ever seen. Late night talk shows would not even have the need for a guest. It would just be one long laughing monologue.

Just like her daughter who's winning against some good dancer's and she can't dance. What's with these people? She's just wishing for something that will never happen. She quit as Governor of that state and who's to say she wouldn't do the same if she did win?
She'll never win but, please run and make it easy for Obama.
We encourage you, just do it!