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Monday, November 8, 2010

Diplomacy and the Press Secretary

Synopsis: The president is on a routine diplomatic trip to India. While on a conference, a scene ensues involving Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. The news states that Gibbs was in an argument with Indian officials for not letting three US reporters to take coverage of the meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Gibbs allegedly threatened the Indian officials that he will pull the president out of the meeting if they do not let the three US press in. Here is the source.

And so come the flames.

@eric t" First calling OUR president..."This muslim (self appointed American citizen) is not my President.It takes a man to lead his country forward, for the good of the citizens. That means work in the White House - not campaigning and vacationing his entire term. Until then please do not call him my President!
(This guy is one bitter poster)

The Iman Obama Bin Lieing speaks again, time to raise the terrorist threat level
(Here’s one that does not read the article but quick to call the president names)

come on obama bail out india next with our tax dollar god knows they need it and we are all just so rich in this country that we can give it all away...........OH you already are doing that. Never mind.
(Typical tea bagger comment)

Joe Six Pack
Obama and gang got the 'F' out of dodge when the elections ended. They needed to be away from the cameras, and in a highly controlled atmosphere, where they can regulate access carefully.Even Hillary, is out of Country.Do you think that's by accident?Landslide to the Right, just like I knew it would.I told you so, comrades. I told you so.
(Typical idiotic comment from…you know what he is.)

b hussein @#$%-@#$% is a worthless ni****--throw him overboard with all the other millions of shark bait spooks back in the 1800's....
(And they claim they are not racists)

Liberals R Ugly Americans
Just like the current tax rates, obama wants to increase so everyone pays more. The current tax rate does not add to the deficit like they say it does because they are not giving anything to US!!Spending is the only way deficits are acheived and obama has done his best to keep increasing the deficit.Obama is seeking vengeance, he will continue to increase the deficit by his spending because he knows he will NOT be president after 2012 elections. Obama doesn't have to worry about money, he is set for life because government has to pay him millions in pay and benefits after he leaves office.
(This guy just want to sound like a political and economics genius. What part of the news made any mention about taxes?)

Here’s, perhaps the only post that makes sense.

First of all, Gibbs probably was a little out of line doing what he did. However president Obama’s trip to India was a necessary one. This, in my opinion is why we should pay taxes, to have our government continue diplomatic ties with foreign nations. Conservatives call this unnecessary spending, but what it really is, is the president doing his job. Conservatives say Obama’s a Socialist; well would a socialist pass the largest tax cut to the middle class in American history? 40% of the stimulus bill was in tax cuts. The money Obama spent to bail out the banks has been paid back to the government in full with interest. GM has once again become a successful company, and paid back the government in full with interest. The economy has been slowly but steadily growing in the last 3 quarters. However unemployment is still an issue, one Obama is trying to address with his trip to India. So please conservatives stop listening to talk radio, and let our president do his job!