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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scientists Find Earth-like Planet

Synopsis: Scientists and astronomers alleged that they have spotted an earth like planet near our galaxy. They claim that the possibility of it being habitable is high and the likelihood of it harboring life is %100.

Obama, of course was not mentioned here at all since it is about science and planets, not politics and politicians. Read the whole article HERE.

Read on.

Obama haters take it away!

Wow image if those people came to visit us and we had a big party and then they under stood how we run our country and then they drove to the whitehouse and punched Obama right in the big fat lip

Wow imagine if the people on that planet came and visited the people on this planet and cut obamas head off.

This just in. Obama is going to have a planet tax. That planet will now be taxed starting 2011 to cover the cost of thinking.

We need to send Obama there so it will run well. We need to make sure that if there is life on that planet that the people have health care and that the lazy people don't work to hard and the hard workers pick up the tab.

Please don't tell Obama about this. We don't want our politicians go mess this one up

Somebody should tell Obama, Pelosi and Reid so that they can figure out a way to tax the greedy mass for using up space in space. If that doesn't work then they can at least grant it's inhabitants amnesty so they can vote in the next election.

Let's put Obama in charge and see how long it takes him to blame Bush for the mess he makes of it.

Anyone that thinks we are alone on the universe suffers from Barack Obama syndrome. ie. NARCISSISM

Alas, we will never know. Obama's new mission for NASA is to reach out, not to explore space, but to reach back in time to midevil muslims.

It's Obama's fault that our technology is not advancing.

Cory Morr
I think the 3 bears of that planet could very well have retained Obama's birth certificate.

All great and what not, but as soon as we colonize the place, Obummer/Reid/Pelosi's greatX10 grandchildren will find a way to screw us. "It will be the law of the land!"

Let us send Obama and his family there and test the livability for us..... like he did in the Gulf. Go, Go, Obama....yeahhhh Obama.

Tony W
barack odumbo has already passed legislation for free rent and free gas in their cars for any aliens living there on this planet.
Me: Ok, I cannot find any comment that is close to intelligent so I give up.


CNN : "The Invation Of Zarmina"FOX : "Operation Zarmina Freedom"

we should name the planet Bush cuz we have no idea if there is any intelligence there