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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lucky man Wins Lottery Scratchers Jackpot Twice

Synopsis: The news article is about a lucky man who has won the lottery scratchers jackpot twice within a very short period of time. And so goes the news:

“The odds against winning $1 million in the Lottery: Astronomical. How about doing it twice? It happened to a man from Bonne Terre, Mo., Missouri Lotteryofficials said Tuesday. Ernest Pullen, 57, won $1 million with a "100 Million Dollar Blockbuster" Scratchers ticket in June. And this month, he won $2 million with a "Mega MONOPOLY" Scratchers ticket.”

I enjoy the readers comments in this article especially the flames on the president. Just goes to show how far these folks would take their hatred against the president - even if it means making idiots out of themselves. Here is the SOURCE.

And Obama haters still find this as a reason to bash the president:

Easy Joe
The President will call him soon to explain his fundamental change concept of spreading the wealth around. I'm sure he won't mind helping other people he doesn't know.

The real winner is going to be Obama and his cronies when he taxes the stuffing out of you on everything you buy. I hope this guy at least didn't vote for the big government that's gonna take most of his money, but being a good military man I'm sure he didn't so maybe that's some small consolation.

He's now Obama's and the liberal's #1 target - he is now the evil rich - this man needs to be punished! Take at least 50% of his money (before state taxes)

This is Obamas big plan now, he has 1,500 out of work Acorn staffers in the White House basement furiously scratching away.

Ted C
Watch out dude, Obama is coming after you. Now that you have so much he's coming to take it away and give it someone else. Ahhhh...the age of Obama.

god bless ernest pullen. seems like somebody up there likes him. well, i'm still waiting for my day to come. but now with obama and his brainstorm of "obamanomics" and "obamacare", and all his rhetoric of taxes, taxes, and more taxes for the rich. looks like now he has spoiled it for the rest of us. no business will really want to hire or produce much with his senseless, mindless policies. it would destroy them. and if his trillion dollars and more thrown into the mess didn't produce much, it don't look good. i believe if this johnny come lately didn't start with all his idiotic threats, things would have started to pick-up by itself. thats the way economies roll, with their ups and downs. at this point it seems, only the village idiot would keep praying to obama, who else ? let's keep blaming the last guy, yea, right !

after Obama gets done with him, he'll net 50 bucks....need to redistribute to all the popele th at didn't win...only fair.

One reply
If the it rains, it's must be Obama's fault. You right wing haters just make no sense.

On the B-side

Bee's Heaven
If Republicans get in this election cycle, winning the lottery will be the only chance most Americans will have to keep thier head above water. Jobs will be heading out of the USA even faster than before, once they get more tax cuts to move overseas.

This sentiment, I share with this reader.

Amazing, even a feel-good story about a lucky guy turns into an Obama-Bush argument.....there are some real idiots in this world.