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Friday, September 24, 2010

Stocks Gain - Economy Mends

Synopsis: The news is about an upsurge of stock values, which is a sign that the economy is on a verge of recovery, if not stability. The article states:

“Economic data gave a mixed picture, but traders latched on to a rise in August business spending as the latest sign the recovery is on firmer ground. That seemed to trump a lackluster report on new home sales in August”.

"Last month investors were positioned for what we thought would be a double-dip recession and massive inflation, but since it ended up being not nearly so bad, we've swung the other way," said Lawrence Glazer, managing partner at Mayflower Advisors in Boston.”

The article does not give any credit to anyone. It made no mention of any political intervention. The word “president” or “Obama” is not even included in it but haters will always have something to say.

Read the entire article HERE.

And the Obama haters still has something to say:

The yoke of oppression that has covered America for the last 2 years will be lifted in 40 days, and the market will go crazy as freedom returns to this country! If the Republicans can repeal marxist socialist "healthcare" ,businesses will will be freed up to hire more and the economy will boom!! The danger is that Obama and the media will give Obama the credit in 2012 , like they did when the Republicans balanced the budget in 1996 and gave Clinton the credit, even tho he vetoed a balanced budget 3 times! The advantage we have now is the internet!! The American media is just a tool of the democrat party, except for FOX, but we have the internet and access to European newspapers who dont live under political correct fascsim or fear of retribution from Obama and his union thugs!

This is a ruse people, open your eyes. the fed is pumping money inmto the market to boost it up to give the pretense that Obama is making this all better. Once the pump is cut off it is a free fall. Be warned and pull it out if you can just before the nose of the plane goes down. I am screwed because most of my 403b is trapped in my job's web of rules, but I am still hopeful that others escape the plunge. Good luck all, it has been a pleasure being an American citizen and I have loved America deeply, but it is also killing me watching her rot away, like watching a beloved friend die in their bed of a long and terrible disease.

so now that the recession is over & Wall Street seems to be functioning, i guess lots of well paying jobs can't be to far behind.Wall Street is just as corrupt, unethical & immoral as the rest of our government.I escaped from it in 1998 after losing $60,000 in three months .Havent even thought of going back & have found other ways of investing my money.Capitalism is only as good as the people in it & I have lost faith in the people on Wall Street & the media & our government.Now that O'sambo & the feds are going to regulate it, I suppose it will stir them to new heights of creativity, when it comes to the almighty ponzi scheme, and the almighty dollar.good luck

lets see.. The Dow was worth a little over 14, 000 in AUG 2009. By Nov 2009 it feel in oct and nov 2009 to 6500. Wow.. Intresting. NOV 2009.. Hum... What is the deal there.. Humm.... O yea.. Iknow.. Obama got elected !! I remember now.. And by OCT 2010 under Obama, the DOW was back to about 10,500. And ever since, it has hung around the 10,500 mark doing nothing really.. Same as Obama. Nothing.. No matter what the Main mean media is saying, you all can google it and see what happened. The Market is waiting to get rid of the Communists we have in charge now.. It may have to wait for a long time..

Sweet Sarcasm from pro-Obama folks:

4th week of gains? Well, that must be Obama's fault!

Proof that Obama is the MAN!! I just love how all these fat republicans are squealing! Sorry to disapoint you unpatriotic losers (that-s right -- unpatriotic. You! Because you want our president to fail. @$$h0les!!).

Brett Williamson
Rally that market Obama, its our only chance so that we dont have a resurgance of Republican fascist control in America!


I also find some interesting comments that are simply out of this world.

out of the shadows
Who cares about stocks. I'm into precious metals. Specifically, tin foil. You got any tin foil? The commies are everywhere ya know. First, the liberals take our money and give it to Vladamir Putin. Next thing ya know the Muslims are gettin' welfare. It's a proven FACT. The liberals have a problem with facts, but there it is. Then, they try to fool you by sending messages using esp. They've been working on it for years in Russia. I know the danger, and I got me a little foil hat to protect my brain from their evil messages.This is serious. I know it's true because they got my girlfriend. One of their "Hippie minions" started using his mind tricks on her back in the sixties. Him and his long Marxist hair. That commie hair looked like crap compared to my foil hat! I tried to get her to wear one, but she didn't listen.Now they want to let murders go free, and kill all the babies, and say the stock market is up. Sheesh!Obviously , somebody hasn't been wearing the right head gear!Well, they used to laugh at me and say stupid communist stuff like - "hey chrome dome - what's with the foil hat?". Well, who's laughing now? I knew that someday there would be more like me, and now we're gonna rise up out of our basements, put our foil hats on, get rid of the libs and fix this place.Yeah, we're gonna fix America. Fix it GOOD!