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Friday, November 6, 2009

Signs for Unruly Humans

Stop or Go?
So should I stop or not? Will I be cited if I stopped? What if I did not stop? I’m really confused.

No Hooking?

I will be recorded? So why make me leave if everyone benefits from what ever I do here. It’s not private property.

What’s this sign for again?
Caution. This sign serves no purpose but to warn you that you might get a cut if you touch it.

Peeping room here
I’m not really sure about this sign but it looks like it’s giving Men more liberty in more private places.

Cassowaries? Aren’t they extinct?

The sign should say, “Driving down this road puts the lives of Cassowaries in mortal danger”.

Toilet Stick Figures with Sticks
Hey dude! You are not allowed to pee like a man in this toilet.

Bestiality at its worse.
No thanks. I’m doing the goat instead. What kind of a sick minded person would do a bird?

Sit straight

No standing. No kissing the toilet. No stepping on the toilet. No fishing. No kung fu.