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Monday, January 4, 2010

Engineer from Hell

One day and engineer died and went to the gates of Heaven, but the gatekeeper said he couldn't let him in today because Heaven was full and unorganized. So he asked the engineer to stay in hell for a few days and the engineer reluctantly agreed.

A few days later, God finds out that the gatekeeper sent an engineer to hell and goes up to the gatekeeper.

"What were you thinking sending an engineer to hell?! Come with me. We're going to get him back"

And so God and the gatekeeper went down to hell to bring the engineer back. Upon arriving in hell, he notices that it's no longer the inferno it once was. It had air condition, plumbing, almost as enjoyable as Heaven.

"See, this is what happens when you send an engineer to Hell!!" Exclaimed God to the gate keeper.

"Sorry I had no idea..." the gatekeeper responded.

God then approached Satan and demanded "Gimme back my engineer!"

"No way, you sent him here, he's mine now" Satan replied. Actually Hell is becoming quite enjoyable with him around" he furthured

"Give him back or else!" God demanded once again.

"Or else? You can't do crap" Satan replied.

"Or else I'll... I'll... I'LL SUE YOU!" God said.

"OH, I'm so scared. Where you gonna find a lawyer in Heaven!" Satan replied.